UHC : Ultimate Hockey Checklist

Welcome to Ultimate Hockey Checklist!!!

We want to provide you with a checklist tool, to help with all your collecting needs. We strive to provide you with a complete checklist of all hockey cards produced by any Hockey League, from Major Junior, through Europe , right to the National Hockey League. This is a massive amount of cards, and no collection is ever complete, but we would like to be your number one resource and guide for helping you on your way.

Our short term focus will be on Team Issued releases, food issue and obscure checklists, we will try to be detailed in our findings, as well as try to provide scans for each of the sets.

Our long term goal is to be up to date with each and every National Hockey League release, insert, parallel, short print, while providing a scan for each set.

Do you have a favorite player, favorite team, do you think your collections is complete, check us out and see!!